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Nature’s Laws of
Harmony in the
Microcosm of Music

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Music as a Harmonic
Medical Data Carrier

The Special Status of the
Ear in the Organism

The Ear as a
Medical Instrument

The Significance of the
Soul to Medicine

The Significance of
our Consciousness
to Medicine

The Significance of the
Soul to Human Evolution

Scientists of Tuebingen discover the Brain Regions responsible for
Self Awareness

The Future of Pharmaceutics



Peter Hübner - Micro Music Laboratories
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Peter Hübner – Music as a Harmonic Medical Data Carrier
Music Therapy

“The sci­en­tifi­cally ob­jec­tive de­fin­able and prov­able medi­cal bene­fit can only be es­tab­lished through a mu­sico­logi­cal ap­proach – com­pa­ra­ble to that which we know from phar­ma­ceu­tics:
pre­cise fig­ures, pre­cise for­mu­las, clear and re­pro­duci­ble facts, just as Pythagoras had also de­manded and, in do­ing so, es­tab­lished the foun­da­tions of our sci­en­tific age. And then here too, when knowl­edge of the ma­te­rial – of the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic – is suf­fi­cient, the de­sired sci­en­tific medi­cal suc­cess is achieved, suc­cess which can be ob­jec­tively meas­ured and re­pro­duced in­de­pend­ently of place and time.”

Peter Hübner
And since in Euro­pean mu­si­cal his­tory and seen from a musi­co­logi­cal point of view, it is also a logical and sys­tem­atic de­vel­op­men­tal proc­ess of ever more pre­cise in­sight into the laws of har­mony of the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic, as a Euro­pean one is the more in­clined to think of Medi­cal Reso­nance Ther­apy Mu­sic® as ‘mu­sic’. But this is merely a ques­tion of view­point.

One per­son might say it is mu­sic and, from the point of view of our Euro­pean ar­tis­tic mu­si­cal tra­di­tion, one would have to agree with him. An­other per­son, on the other hand, might say we are con­sid­er­ing some­thing which is pure in­for­ma­tion about the laws of har­mony within the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic, and which merely ap­pears to be pre­sented in a mu­si­cal form.

And he would be right too, for he is view­ing it from an­other – the musi­co­logi­cal – stand­point. I as­sume this is now clear.

The as­pects of ‘medi­cine’ and ‘ther­apy’ now remain, and these are best ex­plained by the learned doc­tor, mathe­ma­ti­cian and mu­si­colo­gist, Pythagoras in his state­ment that the laws of har­mony of the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic and of bio­logi­cal life are iden­ti­cal – a matter of fact which mod­ern chro­no­medi­cine has been able to prove.

Ques­tion: But how does a me­dici­nal ef­fect come about?

Peter Hübner: If the in­for­ma­tion about the natu­ral laws of har­mony of the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic, it­self en­shrouded in mu­sic, finds reso­nance in the hu­man or­gan­ism with the cor­re­spond­ing in­for­ma­tion about the natu­ral laws of har­mony of bio­logi­cal life, an ex­change of in­for­ma­tion and, where ap­pro­pri­ate, a cor­rec­tion of in­for­ma­tion will take place, and this cor­rec­tion of in­for­ma­tion on the part of the or­gan­ism means the rec­rea­tion of the natu­ral har­monic or­der of the bio­logi­cal sys­tem. And this means: ‘The heal­ing proc­ess be­gins.’

Where the har­mony in an or­gan­ism is dis­rupted, the reso­nance be­tween the in­for­ma­tion on or­der rele­vant to the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic and the cur­rent situa­tion of the bio­logi­cal or­der pro­duces a natu­ral heal­ing proc­ess.

This also ac­counts for the ques­tion I am often asked as to whether I have to be a medi­cal prac­ti­tio­ner or at least have medi­cal knowl­edge in or­der to cre­ate Medi­cal Reso­nance Ther­apy Mu­sic®.

Cog­ni­tion of the natu­ral har­monic or­der in the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic re­quires musi­co­logi­cal in­sight into this sci­en­tific field of crea­tion – com­pletely de­tached from any other con­sid­era­tion, medi­cal in­cluded.

And the pres­en­ta­tion of the natu­ral har­monic or­der in the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic re­quires the ar­tis­tic craft of poly­phonic clas­si­cal com­po­si­tion, as pos­sessed by our great clas­si­cal sound crea­tors.

Ac­cord­ing to Pythagoras and to the cor­re­spond­ing re­sults of stud­ies car­ried out in the field of mod­ern chro­no­medi­cine, the medi­cal suc­cess is ul­ti­mately down to the fact that the laws of har­mony of the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic and of bio­logi­cal life are by na­ture iden­ti­cal.

A mathe­ma­ti­cian does not have to be a mer­chant, just be­cause he also cal­cu­lates with fig­ures, and he does not have to be a physi­cist ei­ther, just be­cause he works with num­bers and for­mu­las.

Mathe­mati­cal for­mu­las can be ap­plied in eve­ry con­ceiv­able sci­en­tific dis­ci­pline in eve­ry con­ceiv­able cir­cum­stance, with­out it be­ing nec­es­sary that the per­son who de­vised the for­mula ever con­cerned him­self with any one of those ar­eas.

This is due to the fact that our brain is just one part of na­ture, and the natu­rally or­dered func­tion­ing of our brain also natu­rally brings forth har­monic pat­terns of or­der which – how­ever ab­stract they may be – can be ap­plied in con­crete in­di­vid­ual cases to the most di­verse con­crete re­ali­ties of na­ture.

I would like to take this still fur­ther. Just as it is sen­si­ble for the mathe­ma­ti­cian not to be a physi­cist, chem­ist or bi­olo­gist be­cause the tying up of his thoughts with the ill-de­fined struc­tures of these fields would re­duce the uni­ver­sal­ity of his ab­stract ob­ser­va­tions and cog­ni­tion, it seems to me that it would be more of a hin­drance if, to achieve medi­cal suc­cess in my work, I wanted to ac­quire some medi­cal knowl­edge.

In my opin­ion, just con­cern­ing my­self with one par­ticu­lar ill­ness could wreck the gen­eral cog­ni­tion about the phe­nome­non of health.

Har­moni­cally struc­tured mu­sic – in­clud­ing Medi­cal Reso­nance Ther­apy Mu­sic® – does not con­sider that as­pect of the ill­ness at all – this would any­way pre­cipi­tate it­self in di­verse ways as dis­har­mony, but aims pure and sim­ply at dis­play­ing the prin­ci­ples of well-be­ing and, there­fore, at dis­play­ing the natu­ral pat­terns of or­der in the mi­cro­cosm of mu­sic and in­for­ma­tion about the innate natu­ral laws of har­mony which are in­te­gral to these pat­terns of or­der. Is that now clear?

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