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About the Classical Composer and Musicologist Peter Huebner &
the Medical Resonance Therapy Music®




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Gunther Hildebrandt

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Derek Gupta

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Prof. Dr. med. Derek Gupta

Prof. Dr. med.
Derek Gupta

is a world-respected medical researcher and simultaneously an avid poet, who comes from a reputable Indian writers and poets family.

He is the founder of the Research Laboratory for Diagnostic Endocrinology at the University of Tübingen’s Children Hospital and is its director since over 20 years.
As a pioneer of psycho-neuro-immunology his interests lies above all in the effects of the emotional world of the expectant mother on the development of the brain functions of her child.
He expects that a music which applies the functions of the harmony laws of nature in a scientific manner, will cause a deep harmonization of the emotional world of the expectant mother and will thus able to neutralize the highly harmful effects of STRESS on the brain development of her child. At Prof. Gupta’s invitation Peter Hübner opened his symposium “Neuroendocrinology - Quid Novi?” – at which the leading hormone researchers of the world had gathered – with the world premiere of Medical Resonance Therapy Music®. The interest in this science-based music was very high among the hormone researchers and from there the music went into medical research worldwide.

As numerous studies document by now, the Medical Resonance Therapy Music® is such a means as Professor Gupta had demanded it: without harmful side effects and highly effective in the release of STRESS: MRT-Music is by far the most effective scientific preparation for the release of STRESS in body, mind and psyche: four times more effective than chemical pharmaceutical preparations in the release of STRESS in the body and eight times more effective than those in the release of STRESS in the psyche – as was acknowledged on the major international STRESS conference of the World Health Organisation (WHO) at the Academy of Sciences in Moscow.

Prof. Dr. med.
Derek Gupta

at the symposium “Neuroendocrinology - Quid Novi?” on the occasion of the world premiere of Medical Resonance Therapy Music® at the University of Tübingen in the presence of the leading endocrinologists of the world:

“Medicine and education urgently need an objectively effective means without harmful side effects, to protect the child's brain development against the devastating effects of STRESS.”
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